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    Organization’s Structure

    can an organization’s structure is changed quickly?

    The answer is surely a no. The organization has been operating with a specific structure for years. Not just that, even the internal employees are used to working and functioning in such a work culture. Hence, to change is surely possible but to change it quickly might not be possible. The change in the structure has to be made in the most transparent manner.

    Earlier organizations used to operate on a strict top-to – down hierarchical model which had a specific chain of command to be addressed. But with the influx of technology and to remain competitive companies have discovered the need to change their organization structure to what is current, relevant and will boost innovation in the company.

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    If we see today there are organizations that operate as a single team or more like a flat hierarchical model only because it fosters discussion, ideas exchange and accelerates the process of growth.

    Any organization that plans to change its structure, can do it, but also concurrently ensuring that its employees can accept the change by being transparent, providing relevant training and giving them additional responsibilities so that they do not face a corporate culture shock in the future.