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    • Respect Essays Respect is a noble sentiment wherein one feels an intense admiration to someone who possesses abilities and qualities that are worth mentioning. Respect is always earned and not given. Hence inculcating virtues such as honesty, integrity, humility, trustworthiness will

    • Goal Of Education Education is of paramount importance in one’s life. It is a tool to acquire knowledge. It enhances the different facets of a person’s life. It has the capability to change our perceptions for the better and improve the

    • Paragraphs on Relationships   Humans are essentially social beings who interact with others and contribute to achieve common goals. Such interactions develop into relationships as we feel a need to connect with others that is as basic as food and water. Our

    • Essay Professionalism Certain qualities that a person possesses demonstrate his professionalism. His appearance conveys a lot to those with whom he interacts and personal grooming is an important aspect of professionalism. Well-fitting dress and footwear and personal hygiene contributes to his

    • Essay Social Media A medium that has gained popularity and has enticed all ages- the young and the old alike is social media. It has taken the world by storm. Originally, it was developed not just for the purpose of communication,

    • Essay on Persuasion   The act of convincing a person to believe something is persuasion. We are all wired differently and hence it is paramount to understand what the other person thinks and feels before trying to persuade him. Before persuading someone,

    • Counseling means Discussing in detail the emotional state of a person and the feelings associated with it with a counselor is known as counselling. The client is made to sit through the meeting to explore the impact of stress on the

    • What is pollution The mixing up of unwanted, hazardous stuff that leads to contamination of the natural environment is known as pollution. Pollution takes a toll not only on human health but also on our planet as a whole. Ironically, man-made

    • Essay about sharks Sharks belong to a group of fish called ‘elasmobranch’. Their existence dates back to 420 million years. They are a different type of fish that are made of cartilaginous tissues and not bones. This is the reason that

    • Essay on Information Knowledge about anything that is given or received is information. Information helps us to learn and understand the things around us. People use information to make sense of the world they live in. The knowledge they gain from