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    Financial Analysis and Modeling Tag

    PART 5 In column E, 1 indicates that the project will be selected and zero otherwise. If you want to find the cost weighted average IRR of just those projects that will be selected, what should be the right formula on cell B7 using an array formula?a. =SUM(B2:B5 *$E2:$E5)/B6b. {=SUM(B2:B5*D2:D5*$E2:$E5)/B6}c. ={SUM(B2:B5*D2:D5*$E2:$E5)}/B6d. =SUM(B2:B5*D2:D5*$E2:$E5)/B6e. {=SUM(B2:B5*$E2:$E5)/B6} A proposed investment project will generate sales of 3K